Three Signs That You Need To Call Your HVAC Contractor

You might not think about the actual operation of your furnace and air conditioning very often -- as long as they provide the right type of temperature to either heat your home in the winter or cool your home in the summer. However, you'll quickly spend lots of time thinking about these systems if they experience a breakdown. The best thing to do in advance of any potential problems is to identify a reputable HVAC contractor in your community so that when you have a furnace or A/C issue, you won't have to waste time calling around to different repair services. Then, when you encounter any of these three issues, you can schedule a repair visit right away.

Emergence Of New Noises

When either your furnace or air conditioner is in use, you shouldn't hear much in the way of noise beyond a gentle humming of the unit and, in some cases, the sound of air blowing. Be vigilant about listening for new noises that could indicate trouble. If you can hear a loud rattle as the system operates, it could be a sign of a loose part of a problem with your air ducts. If you hear a squealing, it's likely that moving parts are in need of lubrication.

Soaring Utility Bills

A simple way to evaluate the efficiency of your furnace or air conditioner is to closely monitor your utility bills. If you've noticed that they're dramatically increasing and that your family's usage habits and the billable rates have remained the same, it could be a sign of an efficiency problem with your units. For example, if the furnace's heating coil has partially burned out, the system will have to run longer than it usually would to raise your home's temperature to the desired level. Likewise, a problem with the fan in the A/C condenser unit could mean that the air is running longer than necessary.

Trouble Achieving Your Desired Temperature

If you find that you're constantly checking the temperature display on your thermostat and wondering why the furnace or air conditioner is taking too long to reach the desired setting, it's an indicator that there's a problem that requires the attention of a professional. Each system is designed to run until the temperature is reached, and then shut off. If you consistently notice that the temperature isn't what you'd set the thermostat to but the system is still running, it's time to call your HVAC professional.

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