3 Things To Know About Septic Tank Pumping

When you have a home with a septic system, you need to make sure the septic tank is maintained properly. A big part of its maintenance is getting it pumped. This ensures the tank remains free of debris and won't get overloaded with waste. Here are some things to know about septic tank pumping.

There Are Signs That the Tank Needs to be Pumped

First of all, you are probably aware that your septic tank needs to be pumped regularly, but did you know you might need it more often than what you originally anticipated? A plumber can provide you with an approximate timeline for how often to pump the tank, which is based on the size of the tank and the number of people in your household. However, there may be instances where you use more water than normal, so the tank needs to be pumped sooner. There are signs that you need to have it pumped now, such as sewage backup in your home, foul odors inside or outside your home, and pooling of water in the drainfield area.

A Professional Plumber Must Pump the Tank

You should never attempt to pump the tank yourself just because you assume it is something you can handle on your own. While there are many DIY plumbing tasks a homeowner can do, this is not one of them. Pumping a septic tank requires specialty equipment and the expertise of a professional. You need to locate a plumber that has experience working with septic systems to do it properly. They will know the right techniques and safety precautions that get it pumped without damaging the tank, and without spilling out waste onto your property in the process.

Leaving Waste Too Long Attracts Mold and Pests

Even if you don't have a full septic tank, it should still be pumped on a regular basis. The waste that is sitting in the tank can eventually lead to issues if it is left for too long. For example, some waste might start to turn to mildew and mold, which creates a bad odor, becomes unsafe for your family, and can do permanent damage to the tank. You may also start to attract pests like drain flies, cockroaches, and rodents if you leave waste in the tank for long periods of time without pumping it and cleaning it out.

If you are new to using a septic system, a plumber can help you figure out when to pump the tank and how to handle this type of plumbing system. Check out a site like http://www.aabsoluteplumbing.com for more information.