3 Most Efficient AC Systems To End Your Suffering During Summer Heatwaves This Year

Having an AC may have been a luxury you thought you could not afford in the past, but it also means that you have to suffer during summer heatwaves. If you want to end the suffering, you may want to have an affordable and energy efficient solution to keep your home cool. This can be done with option like ventilation or ductless AC systems. Here are some of the most affordable and energy efficient cooling solutions that you may want to consider to end your suffering this summer:

1. Ductless AC For A Non-Invasive Air Conditioning Installation

If you want an AC that is more affordable but still gives you the performance of a conventional system, you may want to consider a ductless system. These systems are also less invasive if you do not have ducts in your home, because they do not require any extra ductwork. They can be installed quickly and have a lower labor cost than conventional systems. If you need more than one unit, you may want to consider a mini-split system to provide your home with the cooling you need.

2. Combo Evaporative Cooler/AC System For Dry, Mild Climates

In areas with mild, dry summer weather, evaporative coolers are often used as a cooling solution. These are more efficient than a conventional AC system, but can have a few problems with them, such as moisture in your home and poor performance with high humidity. To improve the performance of evaporative coolers, a combination system can be installed, which will have an AC feature that is used when conditions are not optimal for the cooler, as well as deal with moisture problems.

3. Ventilation And Passive Cooling Home Designs For An AC Alternative

Passive cooling can be another solution that you may want to consider for your home. This can be done with renovations and improvements that help to reduce heat gain in your home. You can also have a ventilation system installed to help remove heat from your home to keep it cool. This can also include a solar tower, which can be in the form of a cupola to allow heat to escape from your home. This is a good for homes in areas with mild summers and little need for a conventional AC system.

These are some of the most energy efficient AC solutions to keep your home cool this summer and end sweat and suffering. For more information, contact Getzschman Heating, LLC or a similar company.