3 Central Air Repair Services You Need Routinely

If you have a central air system in your home, you already know about basic maintenance. Most homeowners tend to do certain tasks on a routine basis with their central air system. For example, they may trade out the filters and make sure the outdoor unit is free of debris. There are some other services that you will need to have done to help maintain your system. Here are three central air repair services you need to have done by professionals on a routine basis.

Coil Cleaning

You can trade out the air filter of your central air system, but the coils could still be dirty. If the coils remain dirty, they can become clogged or overrun with debris. This makes the coils and the system work harder. This chain of events can lead to multiple issues with your HVAC system, including motor breakdown. A professional central air repair services technician can clean the coils and make sure nothing is building up on or around them. They can also check for damages to the coils that can cause issues later.

Checking Fans

You can check your fans to make sure they are clean and nothing is in the way. However, you may miss things like bends in the blades, the speed of the blades when they are on, and other issues that could cause further damage to the fans themselves. A professional central air repair service technician will check your fans on a routine maintenance visit. They will check for all of the previously mentioned issues. They will also check the speed of the fans to ensure they are operating at the right velocity and there are no noticeable issues.

Room Vent Checks

You may not think about the room vent checks when you are doing your own routine maintenance. You may notice some issues with your system, like certain rooms being colder than others. This could be due to an issue with the vent in that room or the duct work to that vent. Your central air repair service technician can check these vents and make sure everything is working properly. If there are no issues, they can give you options that will help air flow to all the rooms or to specific rooms that are hotter than others.

These and many other services are offered by most HVAC service providers. If you need to set up a maintenance appointment with your HVAC service provider for central air repair services, call your local provider. They can schedule an appointment and give you options for maintenance bundled services they may offer.