Tips for Cleaning Your Heating and Cooling System Ducts

Every year, you should service the HVAC system in your home. But over time, dust and dirt can still build up inside the ducts between the vents and the HVAC unit and cleaning it out should also be a priority. 

Why Clean the Ducts?

If you look at the heat and air conditioning vents that come out of the ceiling or floor, you may notice that they get dirty over time. The dust and other debris that you are seeing are not just building up and the vent. That same dust and dirt can be building up deep inside the ducts and even after you clean the vents and change the filters on the HVAC system, that dirt is circulating through the air in your home.

You should remove the dust that carries allergens throughout your home, but filters alone may not be enough to do the job. If you have pets in your home, the situation can be magnified because dander and pet hair are added to the mix. Even if you don't have allergies, the dust, hair, and other materials that have settled in the ducts can start to lower the air quality in your home.

How Can You Clean the Ducts?

It is not as simple as putting your home vacuum cleaner up the ducts to clean them out. A professional duct cleaning service has the right equipment to take care of the job for you. The cleaning service will come to your home and use a special vacuum that runs along the inside of the ducts and removes the dust and debris as it goes. The cleaning service will often close off a section of the HVAC system while they are work to avoid pushing material out of the vents and ensure that they remove everything properly.

How Much Does the Cleaning Cost?

The cost and time it takes to clean the entire system vary by the size of the home and the number of ducts that need cleaning. You need to get in touch with a duct cleaning company in your area to get an estimate from your home. If you live in an area that has a lot of dust in the air or you have dogs and cats in your home, it may surprise you how much material is sitting deep inside the ducts of your HVAC system. 

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