4 Reasons To Have Your Furnace Cleaned

With homeownership comes responsibilities. One of those responsibilities should be a maintenance schedule for all the working parts of your home that make it comfortable. An important appliance that falls in that category is your furnace. According to Angie's List, HVAC experts recommend yearly maintenance and cleaning for your furnace. Find out why the cleaning is so important.

1. A Dirty Furnace is More Likely to Break Down

Most furnaces work by pulling outside air into a heating chamber. Well, the air it brings in might not be clean. What's more, just the regular operation of the motor inside the furnace can cause grime inside the appliance.

Well, dirt from the outside air or from the operation of the motor can build up over time. That buildup can cause the machinery to stop working. For example, dirt buildup around the blower can cause it to overheat and shut down. Not only will you be left with a costly repair bill, but you'll also be literally left in the cold.

2. A Dirty Furnace Might Send Allergens into Your Home

The outside air that a furnace pulls in has to go through a filter before it even reaches the heating chamber. If that filter is dirty, or if the inside of the furnace is dirty, the air itself stays dirty.

Well, how does a furnace heat your home? It blows the heated air through the ducts and into your rooms. The air might be contaminated with mold, dust, pollen, or other allergens. So, as the furnace is heating your home with hot air, it might also be spreading those allergens into your rooms. Family members and guests might be negatively impacted by those allergens.

3. A Dirty Furnace Can Make Your Home Dirty

You face another problem if your furnace is blowing dirty air — a dirty home. The furnace circulates heated air through the entirety of your house. You want that air to be as clean as possible.

A well-maintained furnace won't negatively impact your air quality. In fact, the filter in most furnaces removes most of the dirt and allergens. So, a clean furnace can actually improve your indoor air quality. It also won't make you work overtime to keep your house clean.

4. A Dirty Furnace Runs Inefficiently

Your furnace is going to try and work up to its heating capacity. In order to pull the air into its chamber through a dirty filter, the unit may have to work harder. In working harder, the furnace is using up more electricity and/or gas. You may see a rise in your energy bills.

What's more, this inefficient running also keeps your furnace from heating your home properly. If the parts inside the furnace are struggling to work, then your home will probably suffer from inconsistent temperatures.

Schedule yearly maintenance that includes furnace cleaning to keep your home clean and warm. For more information about furnace cleaning, reach out to a company like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc