A Bad Thermostat Can Make Your House Too Hot Or Too Cold

If you have central air conditioning, the thermostat plays an important part in helping the AC operate properly. When it seems like your AC is malfunctioning, the problem might be in the thermostat. Here are signs of a bad thermostat and the repairs an AC technician might need to do to get your air conditioner working again.

Signs Of An AC Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat signals your AC to turn on and turn off according to the temperature setting and the temperature in the room where the thermostat is installed. When there's a malfunction, the thermostat may not trigger your AC to turn on, or it might not be able to turn your AC off. You might notice when your home is too warm even though the AC is running, or you might notice that your AC is running continuously and making your home too cool. Your AC may not turn on at all, or it may have intermittent problems and operate erratically.

Things To Check When You Suspect A Bad Thermostat

Verify the settings are correct on the thermostat, especially if you have a programmable model or one that's operated with a remote that your kids might have played with. If the settings are right, verify the thermostat has power. You may need to install new batteries. You might also want to pull off the cover to see if the inside is caked with dust. If so, you could try cleaning the parts carefully with canned air.

Repairs Your Thermostat May Need

An AC repair technician will check the thermostat and AC to diagnose the problem. Parts in the air handler or condenser can malfunction and cause the same symptoms as a bad thermostat, so troubleshooting the problem is necessary. If the technician discovers that the problem is with the thermostat, they may clean it or tighten loose wires. Something simple like loose wiring can cause your AC to function erratically.

It may not be possible to repair a bad thermostat, especially if the part is old. A thermostat may not last as long as your HVAC unit, so having to replace one is not unusual. If you need a new thermostat, talk to the AC technician about the best model for your AC that allows you to operate it efficiently. You'll probably want a programmable thermostat at the very least, but you might also want a smart thermostat that gives you the most control over the function of your air conditioner.

Once the AC repair technician has repaired the thermostat, your air conditioner is tested to make sure it cycles on and off appropriately. With the thermostat problem fixed, your AC should be back to normal so your home cools back down quickly.

To learn more, contact an AC repair company.