The Top HVAC Contractor Services Myths Debunked

Do you need to hire an HVAC contractor? You've seen the DIY videos and read the home improvement pro articles. Even though information is easily available online, it isn't always factual. Take a look at the top HVAC myths and why you need a professional service for your home's system.

Myth: Your HVAC System Only Needs Service When It Doesn't Work

Your home heats in the winter and cools in the summer. As far as you know, nothing is wrong with the HVAC system. You set the thermostat, the furnace or air conditioner kicks on, and the system does its job effectively. Even though your HVAC system doesn't have obvious damage or signs of wear and tear, should you skip professional service?

Routine maintenance is one of the easiest ways to reduce heating and cooling costs, stop problems before they go from minor to major, and extend the life of your home's HVAC system. Homeowners who wait to schedule service until their heater stops heating or air conditioning stops cooling could have to pay for pricey repairs or a replacement.

Think of routine maintenance like your annual physical. It doesn't matter whether you're sick or not, you still go to the doctor for a check-up. An annual or seasonal HVAC appointment is a preventative service that can keep your HVAC system healthy.

Myth: Filter Changes Alone Are Enough to Increase Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC system's filter traps dirt, dust, pet dander, allergens, and other debris. This prevents re-circulation (of debris) and increases indoor air quality. Even though you shouldn't skip regular (monthly or more often) filter changes, this do-it-yourself maintenance task isn't always enough to keep the air in your home clean and contaminant-free.

Seasonal system check-ups and cleanings can improve how your furnace or air conditioner functions. This can increase airflow and decrease the re-circulation of indoor allergens and other pollutants. Combined with regular filter changes or cleanings (if you have a reusable filter), professional HVAC services is an easy way to clear your home's indoor air.

Myth: HVAC Service Won't Change Your Utility Bills

Americans spend a collective $11 billion annually to use their air conditioners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Like AC use, home heating also accounts for a sizable portion of residential utility costs. While heat and AC use will always cost homeowners money in utility bills, routine HVAC service can lower the price you pay monthly.

You don't have to settle for paying high utility bills. The better your furnace or air conditioner works, the less energy it uses. A simple seasonal maintenance service can increase your HVAC system's efficiency and reduce your home's energy costs.

To learn more, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.