3 Benefits Of Calling A Plumber To Clear Your Stubborn Kitchen Sink Clog

If you've been fighting a kitchen sink clog that won't go away completely, call a plumber and have the drain cleaned out. If you can't clear the clog yourself by plunging or other home methods, the clog may grow and close off the drain completely, and then you won't be able to use your sink. Here's why bringing in a plumber is better than trying to clear a difficult clog yourself.

1. Your Drains Won't Be Harmed

It's possible to damage a drain with aggressive drain cleaning methods. If you don't use a snake properly or if you use caustic drain cleaners, you could do more harm than good and lead to the need for drain repairs.

A plumber will clear your drain safely, and they may even use a video camera to assess the condition of your drain so they know if the drain can withstand the cleaning method they choose.

2. The Plumber Can Identify The Type Of Clog

A drain can clog up due to grease buildup, solids in the drain, tree roots, or a drain collapse. While food and grease are likely causes of a kitchen clog drain, the drain could also be slow because the main sewer drain has a clog.

A plumber can determine where the clog is located and the type of clog involved so they don't waste time working on the kitchen drain if the real problem is in the sewer line. Plus, knowing the type of clog helps the plumber know the right method to use to clear it.

3. A Plumber Can Remove All Traces Of The Clog

A clog should be completely removed or it will accumulate waste and soap scum and build back quickly. If the clog is in the sewer drain, roots might even be a problem that's causing your kitchen sink to slow down. All the roots need to be removed or they will quickly come back.

It's frustrating to think you cleared your drain only to have another clog develop shortly thereafter. A plumber is thorough and can clean the insides of the pipe so there is no trace of the clog left.

They might provide plumbing services such as hydro jetting the drain, which is like power washing the insides of the pipe to scrub it clean. The plumber might also do a video inspection after cleaning the drain just to verify the drain is clean inside.

Once cleaned out completely, your drains will empty faster and not be prone to clogging as long as you're careful about what you put down the drains. Contact a plumbing service for more information.