Working With Your AC Contractor to Choose an Efficient Air Conditioning Solution

If you need to have an AC installed in your home, you will need to find a contractor for help. They can recommend the best solutions and improvements to keep your home cool this summer. The following AC contractor information will help you work with your AC contractor when choosing a new cooling system for your home:

Installing Ductless AC Systems

The first option to consider for your home's cooling system is ductless AC. Today, the ductless technology that is installed in homes provides a lot of options for heating and cooling. These systems don't need ductwork and give you options like heat pumps. The ductless systems also give you options to install multiple units for separate HVAC systems for different areas of your home. Ductless HVAC solutions also have options for remotes and smart controls that are not available with conventional forced-air systems with ducts.

Adding High-Velocity Air Conditioning

There are also high-velocity air conditioning systems that you can have installed in your home. These solutions are great to add cooling to homes that have never had modern air conditioning. This is due to the compact design of the ducts that are installed with high-velocity systems. They can be installed in existing voids and empty spaces, which makes them ideal for remodeling and renovations.

Installing an AC Heat Pump

If you want a more conventional HVAC system design, an AC heat pump is a great option. These systems can be installed with conventional ducts, ductless and high-velocity systems. This makes them one of the most versatile options to consider when you want to add air conditioning to your home. There are other benefits to using an AC heat pump, such as the modern models being quieter and space-saving solutions for HVAC designs.

Adding Geothermal and Hybrid Evaporative Cooling

There are also options for geothermal systems that can be installed to provide your home with heating and cooling. These are specially designed heat pump systems that use a thermal exchange system to provide your system with the energy it needs. In addition to geothermal systems, there are also options for hybrid evaporative cooling systems. The hybrid systems use a combination of evaporation and conventional AC to provide your home with the cooling it needs.

The addition of a cooling system may be an improvement that you have been waiting to make for your home. Contact an AC contractor to start planning your home's cooling system.