3 Commonly Asked Questions On AC Repair

Having air conditioner problems in your home can take the joy out of living there. Some of the common issues people experience include uneven temperatures in different rooms in the house and loss of energy efficiency. As a homeowner, you should know when your AC unit operates optimally and when parts have started to malfunction. Timely diagnosis and repair of the issues can help you save time and increase the unit's lifespan. Here are three commonly asked questions about AC repair and their responses. 

Why Won't the AC Turn Off?

Many homeowners argue that it is better to have an air conditioning system that runs throughout the day than one that doesn't work at all. However, cooling costs can get ridiculous, especially in the hot season. Also, it can be unpleasant to have a unit that runs when you do not need cool air. It will help if you start by checking the thermostat settings. If you have set it a few degrees higher, the system will keep running. Also, locating the fan in a warm part of the home keeps your AC constantly running. Call an AC repair technician to help you figure out why your AC doesn't go off.

How Do You Know That the AC Needs More Refrigerant?

Central air conditioning systems have a refrigerant that cools the air through compression. Sometimes leaks in the system lead to refrigerant issues. In other cases, the person installing the HVAC system might have put too little refrigerant, creating an undercharging problem. If the refrigerant is leaking, the humidity will be high in your house, and it will be highly stuffy. The technician can check and seal leaks. They can also top up the refrigerant and bring the system to its fully charged state. 

Why Is the AC Unit Making Strange Sounds?

The air conditioner generally operates with a muted humming sound. It can be very unsettling to have yours making strange and unusual noises. It would help if you listened to the nature of the sound to guide you in figuring out what is wrong with the system. Screeching means you need to check if the mortar broke. Hissing indicates a leak while banging means you have loose components inside the unit.

You can count on reliable technicians to restore your air conditioning unit to its functional state regardless of the problem it has. Timely repairs help you avoid excessive energy bills and lengthen the appliance's lifespan. Contact a local AC repair service to learn more.