HVAC Service: 3 Air Conditioner Repair Tips for When Your System Stops Cooling the Air

The refrigerant is one of the components of the air conditioning system. It allows the system to remove hot air from the house, cooling down the temperatures. Once it absorbs the heat and evaporates, it moves to the compressor unit, which compresses it and removes the heat. The warm air is dissipated by the condenser unit outdoors. This heat exchange helps your system keep the home cool at all times. Here are four repair tips that can help you determine when your system needs more refrigerant:

When There is a Leak in the System

One of the major causes of issues with the refrigerant is when you leak your coils. A refrigerant leak leads to your AC performing less efficiently in cooling down your home. It also leads to the system breaking down, especially when you allow it to struggle to keep the house cool for a long time. You might also experience higher humidity levels inside your home and a spike in your energy bills. It is best to speak to a professional AC contractor to help you assess the cause of the refrigerant leak and repair it for an efficient system. 

When the System is Undercharged

It is also common to have issues with the cooling function when you have an undercharged refrigerant. A competent AC repair technician knows the correct refrigerant volume to fill the system with for optimal performance. If they make a mistake in the process, you will end up with an undercharged system, which will be useless. On the other hand, if they put too much refrigerant, it will be overcharged. An overcharged system leads to constant overheating of your refrigeration unit and eventual system shut down. 

Problems with Other Mechanical Parts

Sometimes, issues with the other mechanical parts of the fridge can lead to cooling problems. For example, having dirty condenser coils will lower the system's cooling efficiency, regardless of the amount of refrigerant and charge levels. It is best to consider having the components cleaned to improve their efficiency in assisting heat loss from the system. Another common cause of the heating issue is when something obstructs the condenser unit outdoors. Clearing the area around will help improve the cooling process.

These are simple and effective ways to handle an air conditioning system when it stops cooling as it should. Consult an HVAC repair technician when your unit starts showing signs of damage and have them fix the issue.