Possible Reasons Your AC Compressor Is Noisy, And Solutions

Your AC compressor is responsible for the primary function of the unit. This is because it circulates the refrigerant that draws heat from the air inside the unit. You must also note that the system works without making unnecessary noises. So, if yours has started making odd noises, you must call in an AC repair technician because this could mean hot and unbearable days ahead. Here are three reasons your compressor is making odd sounds.

Weaknesses With the Power Supply System  

Problems with the power supply to your air conditioner are a common trigger of compressor noise. For example, a loud humming or buzzing indicates that your system is experiencing an electrical issue that is preventing the crucial component from starting. That said, you should avoid fixing electrical faults without expert help because handling electrical parts within your AC requires years of training and experience. 

Issues Caused by Loose System Components 

Another common cause of odd noises in your air conditioner's compressor is when the components break down. For example, a ticking noise could indicate that a piece of hardware is loose and hitting the compressor when the unit is working. Additionally, if a bolt or screw comes loose, the compressor will shake or move as it operates, leading to a banging sound. In both cases, an AC technician can tighten the loose components to remedy the noise. That said, there are cases where banging or clanking noises mean a loose connecting rod or piston pin. You should know that this is a serious malfunction, and compressor replacement is the only way to correct the noise. 

Pressure and Blockages Inside the System

You might also experience system noise when you have an unhealthy pressure buildup inside the compressor. For example, hissing sounds accompanied by screaming noises are the typical telltale sign that you need to check the pressure inside your unit. On the other hand, a hissing noise accompanied by bubbling indicates that you might have a refrigerant leak or blockages in the valves. 

You should know that it is normal for your compressor to make a brief noise when starting. However, louder creams and squeals happen when the component has bigger problems that need expert help. So, no matter how minor the noise seems, if it is persistent, contact an AC contractor to assess and fix the issue before your unit breaks down completely.

These are the noises that your compressor makes when all is not well. So, call the air conditioning repair technician immediately after you notice the issues for immediate repairs.

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