AC Will Not Turn On? Possible Causes And Ways To Resolve It

The comfort experienced in the home during the hot months depends on the efficiency of the AC unit. Given this, you might experience extreme anxiety if you try switching on your system and realize it isn't working. However, an AC repair expert can quickly troubleshoot and solve issues with your unit as they understand different components and how they come together for the overall function of the AC. Here are the most common reasons the AC stops working and what you can do to fix it.

Someone Unplugged the Condenser Unit

The air conditioner's condenser is an essential part of the system located outside the home. Note that the AC's main switch connects to this outdoor unit, and if you unplug it, the entire system will not work. So, check the air conditioner's power cable for any visible damage. Sometimes, the issue may be as simple as forgetting to plug in the air conditioner. So, check for a short brown cord that connects it to the power source since the wire is vulnerable to damage or unplugging. Note that an unplugged wire will cut power to your air conditioner, rendering it inoperable.

You Haven't Changed the Air Filters for Months

Most homeowners don't give much thought to their filter, but if you've used the same one for months, it's probably full of dust and debris. Because of this, airflow gets restricted, and the coils eventually freeze. In most cases, this will lead to the complete shutdown of your air conditioning system, and if the ice builds up high enough, the appliance might not turn on. So, turn off your air conditioner before investigating this possibility. You can power it down by switching off the breakers that feed it, then swapping out the filter. After you make the switch, the ice will need some time to melt. Remember, it's not a good idea to turn on the air conditioner until then, as doing so could cause damage. Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer on its lowest setting to expedite the thawing process.

Poor Positioning of the Thermostat

It's also likely that your thermostat is malfunctioning and turning off due to an inaccurate room temperature reading. This is highly likely if the device is located near a drafty window or door or in a particularly hot or cold room like the kitchen. The good news is that changing the thermostat placement will resolve the problem.

Call a professional AC repair technician immediately if your AC stops working for no apparent reason. They will troubleshoot and find the root cause of the problem in time. Further, they will check other weaknesses to ensure your AC unit does shut down unexpectedly.