Choosing A Location For Your First Central Air Conditioner

Having central air conditioning installed in your home can literally be life-changing. You can cool your whole home without having to put multiple units in your windows. Your energy bills will likely go down too. But before your AC contractor installs your new system, you'll need to make a decision. Where are you going to have them put your outdoor air condenser? Here are some factors to take into account when choosing a location. 


You don't want your air conditioner to sit directly in the sun. For one, this will reduce its efficiency. Over the years, UV exposure will also be hard on the unit and may cause it to break down prematurely. You don't have to put your AC in total shade, but at least select an area that doesn't get full sunshine all day.


Sometimes people want their air conditioners placed behind bushes or in a secluded corner. They want the AC unit out of sight. The problem with this strategy is that your air conditioner needs good airflow in order to function. So, you are better off choosing a location that is a little more out in the open without bushes, fences, or trees impinging on it.

Water Level

While outdoor AC condensers are made to withstand water exposure, they are not made to sit in standing water for hours on end. You don't want to have your air conditioner put in a low spot where you often see standing water. If a low spot really is the only good place for your AC unit, consider having a concrete contractor pour a concrete pad where your AC will be installed. This will raise the unit up a bit so that water does not come into contact with the bottom of the unit. 

Proximity to Electrical Supply

Your outdoor AC condenser will need to be connected to your home's wiring. So, if you know that there is electrical access in a certain area, you likely want to have your AC installed in or near that area. Your installer can run wiring to install the AC elsewhere, but this will add to the scope of the project and may cost a bit more.

Consider the factors above when choosing a location for your new AC unit. If you're not sure where to have it placed, you can always ask your contractor to recommend a few options. Then, you can choose the location you like best.

Contact a local AC service to learn more.