3 Maintenance Tips For Getting An Old AC System Back Into Shape

Have you been neglecting your home's air conditioning system? Or maybe you recently purchased a home with an AC unit that the previous owner failed to maintain adequately? Whatever the case, ignoring the problem is likely to have some significant downsides. Even if your air conditioner is still working well, a poorly maintained system is more likely to need repairs or even premature replacement. If you're afraid that your old system might already be on death's door, don't give up yet. [Read More]

2 Air Conditioning Repairs You Might Avoid By Cleaning The Air Handler Before Summer Arrives

If you maintain your air conditioner properly, it may not need many repairs over its life. It may still need a few repairs since some parts have a shorter lifespan than others. Those repairs can't be avoided, but many air conditioning repairs could be prevented by keeping your AC clean and serviced. Here are two air conditioning repairs you might avoid by starting the summer off with a clean AC air handler. [Read More]

Getting Your Fireplace Or Woodstove Ready For The Winter Heating Season

If you heat with wood or supplement your home's heat system with a fireplace or woodstove, getting ready for the winter wood-burning season means cleaning and inspecting the chimney on your home. A chimney sweep should check the chimney and flue system in the house before burning any wood, even if you used it the proviso year, and having a chimney sweep come clean and inspect it is a great starting point. [Read More]

Can (And Should) You Install a Furnace and a Heat Pump Together?

Heat pumps aren't a new technology, but they are becoming more commonplace in the United States. Despite the name, these units do more than just provide heat. A heat pump uses refrigerant as an energy transfer medium, just like an air conditioner. However, a heat pump can operate in "reverse" to provide heating and cooling. There's a significant amount of heat energy in the air, even on cold days. Heat pumps take advantage of this energy to warm your home efficiently, but they do have limitations. [Read More]