4 Reasons To Have Your Furnace Cleaned

With homeownership comes responsibilities. One of those responsibilities should be a maintenance schedule for all the working parts of your home that make it comfortable. An important appliance that falls in that category is your furnace. According to Angie's List, HVAC experts recommend yearly maintenance and cleaning for your furnace. Find out why the cleaning is so important. 1. A Dirty Furnace is More Likely to Break Down Most furnaces work by pulling outside air into a heating chamber. [Read More]

When It Is And Isn't A Good Idea To Wait A Weekend For Residential HVAC Repairs

Like homeowners, residential HVAC contractors have to prioritize their assignments in order to get all of the work done. You may find yourself in a similar situation someday soon, where you have to decide if you can wait an entire weekend to have an HVAC repair technician fix your heating or cooling system or pay the extra fees for emergency repair service. Here are some guidelines that will show you when it is and is not a good idea to wait a whole weekend for repairs to be completed. [Read More]

Tips for Cleaning Your Heating and Cooling System Ducts

Every year, you should service the HVAC system in your home. But over time, dust and dirt can still build up inside the ducts between the vents and the HVAC unit and cleaning it out should also be a priority.  Why Clean the Ducts? If you look at the heat and air conditioning vents that come out of the ceiling or floor, you may notice that they get dirty over time. [Read More]

Considering Radiant Floor Heating? Key Questions To Think About

When it comes to residential heating, you want a system that you can rely on and that will be sufficient for your home. One of the options that's been growing in popularity is the radiant floor heating design. Before you settle on your home's heating system upgrade, here's what you should know about radiant floor heating to decide if it's the right choice for you. Can You Install A New Floor? [Read More]