Heating Tips to Follow

If you have moved in a new home or you aren't happy with how your home performed with regard to heating it last year, then you should take some steps to ensure you are able to keep your home comfortably warm in the future for as little cost as possible. Here are some things that you want to make sure you do.

Have the system serviced

The best place you can start whether you have moved into a new place or you are going to be using your heating and cooling system for the first time this season is to have it serviced. This lets you know what you will be working with and that the system is in good working order. If something needs to be taken care of, then it will be found out during servicing and can be fixed before you start heating your home and putting more wear on a system that may have issues. Also, running a system that is in the best working order possible will cut down on the costs associated with using it.

Keep your system clean

Most people know that you have to change or clean your air filter regularly in order to make sure the system isn't working harder and using more energy. However, you also have to make sure you keep about a two-foot space around the outside compressor unit free of growth, trash and anything else. Dust off the registers to cut down on the risk of those with allergies from being negatively impacted when the air comes out into the rooms, bringing dust with it and spreading that dust throughout the area where the particles will be inhaled and cause problems.

Run your heater responsibly

You want to run your heater on the lowest setting you can in order to be comfortable. The more you heat up your house unnecessarily, the more wear and tear you are putting on the system and the higher you will see your heating bills become. You also want to make sure you help your heater along by reversing your ceiling fans, so they push the warm air back down into your rooms.

Winterize your home

Make sure you have your home winterized, so the heat stays in as much as possible. In certain situations, you may have local programs that help winterize homes if you live in areas with harsh winters. If you are having it done yourself, you want to be sure your attic is properly insulated and the attic and basement doors seal tightly. Have dual-paned windows installed to replace singles. Replace old and worn weather stripping and make sure all exterior doors are solid.

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