3 Things You Should Do Before Turning On Your AC This Season

As the weather promises to warm up, you are ready to turn on your air conditioner to beat the spring and summer heat. You usually turn your AC unit on without a second thought, but if you want your home to be cooled effectively and want your air conditioner to last, do these 3 things before you turn on your AC this season.

Have the unit inspected

You should have your air conditioner inspected by an HVAC specialist before you turn it on for the season, especially if you haven't had your air conditioner inspected in the past or if you didn't cover or store the unit during the winter season. Your air conditioner expert will check the motor, fan belts, and blades; make sure the filters are working as they should; and make sure the Freon or other cooling agent in your air conditioner is present. 

Replace filters

The air filters in your air conditioner are designed to trap hair, debris, dust mite residue, and allergens from entering your home through the air conditioning ducts. These filters can get clogged, especially if they are not changed often or you keep your windows open while cooling your home at the same time.

Replace your AC's air filters every season so you have clean air circulating in your home. It's also a great idea to have your HVAC specialist clean all air ducts in your home so your air quality is greatly improved when you use your heating or cooling systems.

Check previous energy bills

Your air conditioner should cause your home to use the same (or similar) amount of energy every season. Check your energy bill for previous seasons to make sure your AC unit hasn't been using more electricity and energy than usual. This can be determined by seeing if the amount of money you pay during warmer months changes drastically from year to year.

If you notice that your air conditioner suddenly started using a lot more energy last year than it had in previous years, it may be having issues with the motor wearing out. Energy use is not only costly, it is also not healthy for the environment, so consider buying a new air conditioner to keep your home cool if your unit is taking up too much energy to operate as it should. Your HVAC specialist will help you choose a new air conditioner that will meet your needs and budget.