Flushing Queens: 3 Ways To Get Your Clogged Throne Working Again

When you have a clogged toilet, you want to do everything you can to make sure that it gets unclogged as soon as possible. There are a variety of things you can do to make that happen.

Hot Water and Dish Soap

One of the things that you can do is to try using dish soap and hot water. It doesn't have to be dish soap, it could be any kind of liquid soap or shampoo; the important thing is that it is soap. The reason that soap can help here includes the fact that it has a surfactant, which is what makes soap slippery. It's also denser than water, so it will slide down the drain in your toilet and down to the clog. The soap can slide around the clog and get into any gaps, then it lubricates everything. Pour in some soap, then let it sit in the toilet for a while. You need to give it time to get down to the clog. Then, pour in some hot (but not boiling hot) water. When that's done, you can try to plunge it again using a plunger that has a flange on it so that you can get the best possible suction. If the water drains right down, try flushing it and watching to see what happens. 

Toilet Auger

There are toilet augers that you can buy at the local hardware, home improvement, or big box store. These snakes have a claw on the end that goes down into the toilet. That claw can get into the clog and break it into smaller chunks. You will know that you have hit the clog when you get some resistance to pushing the snake any further into the toilet. When you hit it, you spin the knob at the top one way and then the other, breaking it up as much as possible. When the water rushes down the drain, you know that you have destroyed the clog and that your toilet should work again. 

A Professional

If you have tried everything you possibly can to get your toilet unclogged, you may have to call a plumbing service. They are going to have tools and equipment that you don't have, and they can get in and do things that you might not do in order to get your toilet going again. One of those things is that they might bring a wet/dry vac and stick the hose down the toilet and suck out the clog.