When The Heating System Makes Strange Noises It's Time To Investigate

The heating system in your home can make all kinds of noises. From steam coming out of a radiator system to your ductwork clanging because of air changes, you probably don't notice the noises coming from your heating system until they are not the normal. While your heat isn't going to be silent, there are a number of reasons to investigate further when you hear different sounds. Whether it's when you turn on your system, or after your heat is on for awhile, odd noises can indicate that there is a problem with your heat. If you notice that your home isn't as warm as it should be, it's time to contact a professional heating contractor to figure out what is going on.

Your Heat Bangs When It Turns On

If you have a gas furnace and your hear a small explosion when your furnace turns on, there could be a problem with the time between when the gas begins to flow and the ignition spark. The sound is actually a small explosion because of the accumulation of gas when you turn on your heat and the delay in firing of the ignition. Over time, this delay can become longer and you can end up with a much larger explosion. This should be addressed immediately to keep you and your home safe.

Ductwork Clangs As the Heat Gets Warmer

When your heat isn't on, the air within your ductwork becomes the temperature of the surrounding air. If it is really cold in your basement, the air in your ductwork will become cold. Once the heat is turned on, the air in your ductwork warms up and causes the metal ductwork to expand. This can result in a loud clanging noise, especially if the temperature change is significant. While you may be used to your ductwork clanging once in awhile, louder or more extensive clanging can mean your ductwork is loose or needs to be adjusted in order to be more productive.

In order to stay warm this winter, it's important to investigate any loud noises coming from your heating system. While you may get used to the sounds of your heating system over time, be aware of changes in your system. If you have an older steam radiator system, air in your pipes can cause banging in your pipes. With a gas furnace system, pay attention to any smells as well as sounds that might be different. Contact a heating contractor for more help.