Call AC Repair Contractors When You Notice These Strange Noises

Your air conditioning helps keep your house cool during the hot months, dehumidifies the air, and helps with ventilation. When you run the AC, it will produce white noises that are hardly noticeable. However, you should be concerned if you start noticing some strange and creepy sounds from your unit. In most cases, noises from the system usually indicate an underlying problem that AC repair professionals should fix. Therefore, you need to find out what is causing your unit to produce strange sounds.

1. Your AC Is Producing Screeching Sounds

It can be frustrating when your AC produces high-pitched screeching noises when it first kicks on. The screeching might be caused by the pressure built into your compressor. The tension forms when the valve needle partially gets stuck open, causing the air to get into the compressor. If you notice these screeching sounds, you should not run the unit until an AC repair contractor checks it.

2. Your AC Is Producing Banging Sounds

Another strange noise you might get from your unit is the banging sounds. In most cases, banging indicates that your screws, bolts, or screws are loose. In other cases, it might be due to a broken motor. Regardless, do not attempt to fix these issues unless you are trained technicians. Generally, you might worsen the situation if you open up the unit to check the cause of the banging sounds without the relevant tools or skills. Thus, it will cost you more to fix the problem.

3. Your AC Is Producing Hissing Sounds

Hissing sounds from your unit might indicate damaged ductwork or air leaking into your unit. It could also indicate that you have a refrigerant leak. All these are serious issues that you should not ignore. Instead, call licensed technicians to examine the unit and determine the cause of the hissing sounds. These experts will also know how to fix the issue and ensure your system runs as expected.

4. Your AC Is Producing a Buzzing Sound

Many issues such as loose wiring, unbalanced fan blades, and broken parts could cause your unit to produce a buzzing sound. However, unless you are a competent AC technician, you might not safely identify what is causing the issue. So, if you notice buzzing sounds from your unit, call a contractor to investigate the cause of the problem.

When your AC starts malfunctioning, it might produce screeching, banging, hissing, or buzzing sounds. Remember that using your unit when making these sounds is dangerous and a risk to everyone in your house. So, in case of these sounds, shut off the unit immediately and get experienced technicians to help fix the situation.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor for more information about air conditioning repairs.