3 Furnace Issues You May Be Able To Repair Yourself

Your furnace keeps you warm throughout winter, so when there's a breakdown in the middle of this harsh season, it can be a little frightening. You not only worry about yourself, your family, and your pets, but you also have to worry about your pipes freezing during this time as well. You can only go so long without heat in your home before it becomes a major problem. Some furnace issues may be a quick fix if you're handy and don't mind attempting to work on the furnace system, but there may be times when it's best to hire a professional HVAC repair service to help you. Read on for a few furnace issues you may be able to repair yourself.

1. Furnace Not Turning On

This can be a result of a number of things, but the biggest issue is usually because the furnace filter was clogged, and it caused the high limit switch to turn off. You can remove the old furnace filter, replace it with a new one and vacuum out the entire furnace system to remove other dust and debris that may also be clogging your system's airflow. Then find your unit's high limit switch and turn it back on. Allow your furnace to turn on again and listen for any issues. If your furnace is still not turning on, it may be a more difficult repair, and you should hire a pro.

2. Flame Not Turning On

If you aren't even getting a flame for your furnace to turn on, it could be because of a cracked heat exchanger, or you could have an issue with your flame sensor being too dirty. Turn off the gas to your furnace and turn the furnace off. Find the flame sensor and clean it with a piece of emery cloth. Scrub away the soot that is probably blocking the sensor. Once finished, turn the gas and the furnace back on. See if this helped with the repair. If your heat exchanger is cracked, you need to hire a pro.

3. Furnace Not Reaching Temperature

If your furnace is running continuously and just isn't reaching temperature in your home, it could be that your furnace is too small, or your thermostat is set too high that it cannot reach that temperature. Try to turn the thermostat down to see if it helps. If it still is not able to reach a temperature, you may need to hire a professional to inspect your system, as the furnace may not be large enough for your home.

If you have any of these furnace issues, you may be able to repair them yourself. For other issues or furnace concerns that you are not able to repair yourself, you should hire a professional to help you. For more information, contact a company like Paris Heating and Cooling.