Why Is Your Air Conditioner Giving Out A Chemical Smell?

If the air coming out of your AC units has a chemical smell, then you should investigate the problem. In some cases, this odor comes from external causes; however, it can also be a sign that your system has a problem.

Read on to learn about some common causes of chemical smells in air conditioning systems.

External Chemical Smells

Your air conditioning system pulls in air to cool it before circulating it through your home. If the air that comes into the system has an odor, then this smell might spread through your home.

For example, if someone is using chemical products outdoors close to your home, then the air that comes into your outdoor unit might contain a chemical smell. The same thing can happen if you have an open or leaking chemical product in your home close to your indoor air management unit. In either case, the smell can stay in the air until it comes out of your room units.

So, check if anyone is doing work close to your property or if any of your stored products could be the cause of the problem. If chemicals are making your air smell, the odor should go away once the chemicals stop being used or are sealed up again.  

Curing Glue Smells

If you have a new air conditioning system or have recently had some work done on it, then a chemical smell can simply be glue. As glue dries and cures, it can give off a strong smell.

This smell will come out of your units until the glue cures completely at which point it should disappear. If this doesn't happen, then you might need to have a technician check your system for a fault.

Internal Leak Smells

Sometimes, air conditioning systems emit a chemical-like smell because they have an internal leak. Systems contain a couple of chemicals that could cause this problem.

For example, if you have a refrigerant leak, then you might have a break in one of your coils. Refrigerants usually smell sweet. These leaks can also affect the temperature of the air that comes out of your units. Sometimes, a leak also produces a hissing sound.

Or, if you have a chlorine-like smell in your home, then you might have a problem with your air filter system. This is a sign that your system is producing too much ozone. Excess ozone can affect your health, so you should call out a technician fast here.

To find out more, ask a local AC repair contractor for help.