A Bad Thermostat Can Make Your House Too Hot Or Too Cold

If you have central air conditioning, the thermostat plays an important part in helping the AC operate properly. When it seems like your AC is malfunctioning, the problem might be in the thermostat. Here are signs of a bad thermostat and the repairs an AC technician might need to do to get your air conditioner working again. Signs Of An AC Thermostat Malfunction The thermostat signals your AC to turn on and turn off according to the temperature setting and the temperature in the room where the thermostat is installed. [Read More]

The Top Reasons You May Need Air Conditioning Services Right Now

What are the top reasons homeowners need air conditioning services? With hot summer weather on the horizon, take a look at the AC issues that require professional attention. Frozen Coils A frozen evaporator coil won't fix itself. The coil draws heat out of the air and helps to cool your home. Even though the coil is cold, it shouldn't freeze. Excessive moisture or restricted airflow can lead to this common AC issue. [Read More]

Have A Furnace That Starts But Then Shuts Down? Talk With Heating Repair Experts About These Things

If you hear the furnace start up and then kick off a few seconds later after igniting, there are a few problems that could be preventing the furnace from working. HVAC service professionals can take the unit apart and look inside to find out what is wrong. Some of the problems may be easy to fix, but others may be hazardous or require a lot of time and manpower. Here are some of the things to ask the heating repair professionals about. [Read More]

Four Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps To Take Every Year

Proper air conditioning maintenance often requires professional labor and technical know-how, but there are many steps you can take yourself on a regular basis to keep your system running smoothly. These steps can help keep your air clean, reduce allergens and dust, avoid any water damage, and help prevent physical damage to important components. Replace Your Filter Your filter is one of the most important parts of your air conditioner system. [Read More]