Roots Taken Over Your Sewer Pipes? 2 Ways To Get Rid Of Them

A tree has large roots and smaller roots that absorb nutrients and water. If you have trees planted near underground sewer pipes, these smaller roots will be drawn to the pipes because of the moisture. If your sewer pipes are old or have any kind of cracks, the roots can invade them and clog up your pipes and even crack and break the pipes. If you have this problem, you will likely notice clogged drains inside your home, water flow will be low, and your toilet may flush much slower.  If you have this problem, contact a sewer and plumbing contractor. Below are two ways they may remove the roots from your pipes.

Chemical Herbicide

A chemical herbicide can be used to get rid of the roots. These herbicides do not damage the trees themselves. They only target and kill the roots inside the pipe. The contractor can put a small camera that is at the end of a long pole down into the pipes to find exactly where the blockages are. This will also tell them how damaged the pipes are. The contractor will then use water that is under high pressure to clean the pipes. Once clean, the chemical herbicide is placed into the pipes. The application of herbicide will have to be replaced approximately every year.

Once the chemical herbicide kills the roots, the contractor may use a type of foam to place inside the pipes that will bond to the walls and any cracks and joints to prevent any new roots from invading and growing.  

Use a Hydro Jetter

A hydro jetter is another way to get rid of the roots inside the sewer pipes. This is a machine that uses water, a hose, and a pump. Many gallons of water are forcefully pushed through the hose and into the pipes. The hydro jetter hose can reach deep down into the pipes so it should have no problem removing all of the tree roots. The hydro jetter will have wires at the end of the hose that spin as the hose is pushed through the pipes to knock off any roots from the sides of the sewer pipes.

When the contractor is finished using the hydro jetter, they may flush the pipes with a chemical to kill any roots that may be left behind.

A plumber at C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning can help you decide which method will work best for your pipe problems.