Making Repairs To Your Coolant Lines

The AC condenser unit located outside your house is responsible for cooling freon so that it can condense from a gas to a liquid. Once liquid, the freon cycles back to the evaporator unit located inside your house. The freon can then turn back to vapor and absorb heat from the air in your house. If the freon, vaporizes before it reaches the evaporator unit, its ability to cool your house is diminished. [Read More]

Air Conditioning Systems: Tips For New Homeowners

Without a working air conditioner, your home may become an unbearable place to be during a hot summer's day. Repairing a damaged or faulty air conditioner can be an expensive and inconvenient task, but many people are unaware of a few simple tips they can follow to make sure that their home avoids becoming uncomfortable due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system. A couple of tips can help your air conditioning system to avoid some of the more routine sources of damage and problems these units may experience. [Read More]