Can You Depend On Your Current Furnace For Another Heating Season? Important Considerations For Homeowners

Most homeowners want to ensure that their HVAC systems are ready to meet the heating needs of their home well before winter's cold temperatures arrive. Unfortunately, many of these same homeowners may not fully recognize the signs that their current furnaces are at or near the end of their dependable lifespan. If you have concerns about the condition of your current heating system and whether it will be able to provide reliable comfort for your family this winter, this information can help you decide how to proceed. [Read More]

4 Benefits Of AC System Installation In Your Home

If you value exceptional comfort in your home, then you cannot afford to be without an air conditioner. Otherwise, your home can become uninhabitable when temperatures start to rise. If you have never installed the system or your current one is defective, you need to consider an air conditioning system installation. However, you need to select a system that meets your needs to get the most out of the investment. By installing the right system, you will obtain the following benefits. [Read More]

4 Common Repair Issues On Older Air Conditioning Units

Owning a home means striking a careful balance between your maintenance needs and your household repair budget. Few homeowners can afford to repair every aging appliance or repair every minor issue, and many people want to get as much value as they can from their equipment. In many cases, this means doing everything possible to extend the life of expensive items such as air conditioners. While you should expect to get several years from a correctly maintained central air conditioning system, you should also expect to spend more on repairs as components age. [Read More]

Your AC May Overheat And Shut Down If The Fan Motor In Your Condenser Malfunctions

If you notice your AC condenser running erratically or starting up and shutting down right away, the problem might be with the condenser fan. The fan blows hot air out of the condenser so the parts and refrigerant cool down. If the fan doesn't operate properly, the parts in the condenser might overheat and shut down automatically. Even worse, the compressor might be damaged due to heat and strain. A condenser fan problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. [Read More]