Does Your AC System Work? Why You May Still Need An Air Conditioning Installation

Do you need a new central air conditioner? Even though your AC system still cools your home, you may still need to schedule an air conditioning installation service. If you're not sure whether it's time to replace this home comfort system, take a look at the questions to ask right now. How Old Is the AC System? While age isn't the only predictor of the need for an AC replacement, it is a factor. [Read More]

Loud Or Odd Noises From Your Swamp Cooler Could Mean It's Time To Call For Evaporative Cooler Repairs

If your evaporative cooler starts making odd noises, you may be concerned about what's going on with your equipment. Noises can be annoying at night when you're trying to sleep, but the noises can also cause you to lose sleep over whether your cooler is being damaged. Call an evaporative cooler repair service to locate the problem and make repairs. Here are some possible causes of a noisy evaporative cooler. [Read More]

Three Steps To Better AC Maintenance

Most homeowners have a to-do list that is a mile long of things that need to be done to their house yearly. These can include performing regular checkups or having certain things refilled, but one thing you should also include his regular air conditioning maintenance. Despite what you may think, this isn't something that you have to schedule through your local HVAC company; instead, many of the below tasks can be done (and should be done) by the homeowner. [Read More]

What's Causing Your Air Conditioner To Blow Room-Temperature Air

Vents blowing room-temperature air when your air conditioner should be running could be a sign of potential thermostat issues or problems with electrical components. Most causes of this problem are generally inexpensive and quick fixes with the help of a professional. Thermostat Issues The first component to double-check is your thermostat. Sometimes settings can be changed that turn on the fan but not the compressor, so while your fans are blowing air, your air conditioner itself isn't actually running. [Read More]