5 Things To Check If Your Furnace Suddenly Blows Cold Air

It's not uncommon for a furnace to suddenly turn a cold shoulder when it comes to heating your home. Nevertheless, you'll want this problem diagnosed and repaired before it results in a cold, sleepless night for you and others in your home. Here are a few areas to check if and when your furnace suddenly develops cold feet over heating your home properly. Circuit Breaker A tripped circuit breaker is one common reason for a furnace to suddenly start putting out cold air. [Read More]

Three Benefits Of Choosing Ductless Mini Split Cooling Systems

There are a number of different types of cooling systems that you can choose for your home from a place like D & R Service Inc. However, you may simply assume that you will have to opt for a traditional central air conditioning system. However, this is not the case because ductless mini split air conditioning systems can be an effective solution. In particular, you may enjoy the following benefits by opting for this type of cooling system for your home. [Read More]

Roots Taken Over Your Sewer Pipes? 2 Ways To Get Rid Of Them

A tree has large roots and smaller roots that absorb nutrients and water. If you have trees planted near underground sewer pipes, these smaller roots will be drawn to the pipes because of the moisture. If your sewer pipes are old or have any kind of cracks, the roots can invade them and clog up your pipes and even crack and break the pipes. If you have this problem, you will likely notice clogged drains inside your home, water flow will be low, and your toilet may flush much slower. [Read More]

3 Things That Can Make Your AC Smell Funky

Have you noticed that your air conditioning system smells peculiar? If so, there are a number of things that may be causing this problem. Continuing to operate your AC despite the smell can make you feel embarrassed to have guests, make you sick, or  damage your AC system. The following are a few things that could be causing the pungent odor. Filter One of the best things to do when you smell a peculiar odor from your cooling system is to change the air filter. [Read More]