Loud Or Odd Noises From Your Swamp Cooler Could Mean It's Time To Call For Evaporative Cooler Repairs

If your evaporative cooler starts making odd noises, you may be concerned about what's going on with your equipment. Noises can be annoying at night when you're trying to sleep, but the noises can also cause you to lose sleep over whether your cooler is being damaged. Call an evaporative cooler repair service to locate the problem and make repairs. Here are some possible causes of a noisy evaporative cooler.

Odd Noises Could Indicate A Belt Problem

If you hear a humming noise but not the usual sound of your motor running, the belt might be too tight. The belt on the motor of your swamp cooler can make a variety of sounds. For instance, if it's too loose, it might start squealing. The belt might also make a thumping noise when it's bad.

The repair technician can probably diagnose problems with the belt just by listening to the noise your swamp cooler makes. When the belt is bad, it can be replaced.

Clicking Noises Could Be From Loose Parts

When the float valve gets loose or loses its seal, it can move around and make loud clicking and clattering noises. This problem is easy to fix by replacing the valve if needed or just repositioning it. Tubes that get loose might also cause a similar sound.

The repair technician may check various parts of your evaporative cooler to look for parts that need tightened or secured. Anything from a loose motor to a loose evaporative cooler that vibrates and shakes can make odd noises that are easy to fix.

Loud Noises Could Be From A Bad Motor

When a motor starts going bad, it often makes loud noises. The repair technician might be able to identify the problem based on the noises they hear. Bad bearings might make a squealing noise, but the motor may just be loud and make a variety of sounds depending on what's wrong with it. A motor might be repairable, but it's often necessary to replace it when it goes bad.

It's often difficult to know what is wrong with an evaporative cooler unless you've been trained in repairing them. Sometimes an odd noise may sound threatening, even when it's nothing serious.

Other times, a noise might indicate something serious that could cause damage to the motor or another part if you keep running your cooler. When your cooler starts making new weird noises, call a repair technician for help so you don't cause damage to your equipment by running it with defective parts.

To learn more, contact an evaporative cooler repair service today.